Bud Light Party

Ad music

Created the signature drum-line fanfare used in over 30 Bud Light commercials on TV, online, and the radio for the “Bud Light Party” campaign starring Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer.

Cricket Wireless: Debates

Ad music

Composed a John Philip Sousa-inspired marching band piece for Cricket’s fall promo on TV and radio.

Cantate Domino

concert piece for SATB (div.) chorus, a cappella, 3’20”

An energetic new setting of the classic sacred text, “Cantate Domino” was commissioned as a competition piece by maestro Rolandas Daugela for the Cantate Domino International Choral Festival and Competition of 2017. The piece opens with an epic fanfare motive, and then moves to a warm, contemporary “benedicite” theme, followed by a lyrical, a folk-inspired “quia mirabilia”, and concluding with an exciting, amped-up reprise of the first theme.

Pavasario Daina (Song of Spring)

concert piece for SA (div.) chorus, piano, 3’05”

The text, by poet Jurgis Baltrušaitis, is an optimistic fantasy that imagines the joys of spring to come (after a Lithuanian, not Californian, winter). This choral setting depicts this feeling of warm relief, but not without surprises, as one reverie gets overtaken by another.

Winter Fantasy

concert piece for flute, viola, cello, and guitar, 7’30”

Winter Fantasy is a piece in three movements that imagines a secluded cabin during a winter storm. The first movement depicts a sparkling snowfall on a frostbitten field. At first, it descends lightly, but soon becomes relentless, blanketing the scene with a melancholy isolation. The second movement is a pivot away from the window, and towards the beloved, waiting by the fire. It is a song and a dance that treasures the warmth of being close to the one you love, even as you are surrounded by a vast questioning void. The third movement tells the story of the morning, when the snow has stopped, and the endless white expanse becomes a grand canvas for joyful exploration. Commissioned by the Weird (But Wonderful) Quartet. Premiered 2/7/2016 at the Morton Arboretum, Chicago, IL.


Dainuojanti Revoliucija (“The Singing Revolution”)

[multi-movement concert piece for arena chorus and symphonic band, 17 minutes] “The Singing Revolution” is a dramatic choral cantata in 5 movements that has been called “The Lithuanian Les Misérables.” Each movement chronicles a key event in Lithuania’s historical “Singing Revolution,” the nation’s non-violent independence movement against the Soviet occupation in 1987-1991. The cantata was specially commissioned by the 10th Lithuanian Song Festival to celebrate 25 years of Lithuanian independence. Kc Daugirdas conducted the 1,400-singer festival chorus and 40-piece symphonic band for the world premiere at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, IL on July 5th, 2015. Lyrics by Rugilė Kazlauskaitė. Festival Musical Director: Darius Polikaitis, Stage Director: Vytas Čuplinskas. Watch the live re-broadcast on YouTube!

King of the Nerds

[reality TV] Contributed music to “King of the Nerds” on TBS, a competition show where contestants face-off in variuos brainy and zany challenges. (Season 3, Ep. 1, 6, 7) [composer: additional music]

Evil That Men Do

[feature film] Provided string scores for live string quintet soundtrack recording. Evil That Men Do is the thrilling story of an abducted girl and her kidnapper’s conscience, set in the narco territories of Mexico. Music composed by Yuval Ron. [additional string orchestrations]

Music for Crowdfunding

[web video] Custom soundtracks for crowdfunding videos including Skinny Piggy Kombucha, KeyPlace, Quickie Dryer, and Gripsense Rotolock. All films produced by Elevant Productions (www.elevantproductions.com) [composer]


[musical theater album] “INTERFAITH” is a new musical that finds both humor and pathos in the romance of two young people from different devout religious traditions. Created by Ruth Broyde Sharone. The album features 11 songs from the forthcoming show. [arranger, recording producer, composer: additional music]

Tavo vardą rašau (“I’m inscribing your name”)

[concert piece for SATB chorus and piano] Commissioned for the Volunge chorus’s 60th anniversary, “Tavo vardą rašau” is about connecting with someone who loves solitude as much as you do. The poem by Juozas Strielkūnas is filled with images of mystical wintry forests and great quiet expanses, set here as a dark, folk-inspired ballad with lush choral harmonies. [composer]


[song] Created orchestral arrangement for Monika Liu’s sweet and soulful ballad “I AM”, featured on the EP of the same name. [orchestrator]


AMC-Coke Freestyle

[theatrical commercial] Orchestral soundtrack for a commercial at AMC Theaters in which a swarm of red Coke ball-thingies get blasted into their theater seats by the power of a refreshing fountain drink. “Enjoy the Show!” Director: Fletcher Moules. [composer]

Lord of Catan

[short film] The story of an normal couple descending into madness over a game of “Settlers of Catan.” Starring Amy Acker and Franz Kranz (Joss Whedon’s “Much Ado About Nothing”), written and directed by Stuart C. Paul. [composer]

Silent Night

[concert piece for SS,AA,TT,BB chorus] Composed a brand new setting for the text of the traditional “Silent Night” carol for The Silver Lake Chorus, a professional mixed chorale in Los Angeles. The music offers hints of the original melody set against modern harmonies, sometimes folky, other times ethereal. Musical Director: Michael Wells [composer]

Sebastian Calls 911

[DVD video] The first installment of the “Sebastian Safety Series,” an animated DVD series that teaches young children health and safety lessons. Director: Joni Nowak. [composer]

Music for Crowdfunding

[web video] Custom soundtracks for crowdfunding campaign videos including Surena, Trinity Magnum, Freagle, Flashlamp, R90 Rapid Oxygen, and Popcorn Ball. All films produced by Elevant Productions (www.elevantproductions.com) [composer]

A Christmas Miracle

[concert piece] A Christmas Medley for SSA + piano. Includes mysterious and potent interpretations of “Veni, Veni Emmanuel” and “What Child is This”, and closes brightly with the Lithuanian carol “Gul Šiandiena.” Commissioned by the Volunge women’s choir, Toronto, ON. [arranger-composer]

Other Work in 2014

Commercial Music House work, Musical Director and Arranger for men’s octet and community choir, Found Percussion Ensemble Teacher at Camp Dainava, Private Vocal and Piano Teaching


Jew Date

[web-series, 8 episodes] Noah tries to find love using a Jewish online dating service, while his free-wheeling roommate has adventures of his own. Executive Producers: Ethan Webman, Stevee Jo Eads, Aaron Webman, Jason Mittleman,Jared Waks. [co-composer, with Patrick McArthur (Ep. 1-4), with Akhil Gopal (Ep. 5-8)]

Thingstarter: TinyDiaper

[web-short] A Kickstarter spoof in which inventor Ed Daniels asks for everyone’s support for his “TinyDiaper” product concept. The clip reached 400K views in its first week of release. Produced by Josh Poole at the Above Average Comedy Network, Directed by Ben Weinstein. [composer]


Composed music for a highly successful fundraising video that raised over $48k in one month. [composer]


[short film] As Gary pursues his crush to a bar, he dreams about two very different outcomes. Graduate film by Irma Puzauskaite at Loyola Marymount. [composer]

Rugsejo Naktis

[concert piece for women’s choir & piano] This piece is based on a Lithuanian poem in which the narrator looks out onto the beautiful September night sky and wonders if her heart has grown cold. Commissioned by the Volunge women’s choir in Toronto, CA. [composer]

Scoutin’ for Skunk Ape

[animated short] Two buffoonish brothers from the deep south go hunting the mythical “Skunk Ape” in the backwoods. Official Selection at the 2013 Siggraph Asia Computer Animation Festival. Film by G. Haney, K. Lu, S. Phillips at Ringling College of Art & Design. [compose]

Confessions of an Idiom

[animated short] The story of a wry verbal exchange between the Elephant in the Room and the Skeleton in the Closet. Film by Amanda Koh and Mollie Helms at Ringling College of Art & Design. [composer]


[animated short] The story of a breathless herald with a speech impediment who tries to warn the local castle that a dragon is approaching. Film by Rachel Morgan at Ringling College of Art & Design. [composer]

Other work in 2013:

Music for Online Advertising, Logo Sound-Design/Sonic Branding, Commissioned Songwriting, Song Demo Production, Arranging for Chamber Ensemble.



[silent film with live orchestra performance] Wrote additional music under composer Sheldon Mirowitz for a newly commissioned film score for the 1929 British silent feature film, “Piccadilly”. Premiered May 7th, 2012 at the Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, MA with live small orchestra. [assistant composer and conductor].

Mother Earth, Father Sky

[concert piece for soprano saxophone, cello, and piano] A musical fantasy exploring the tension between yin and yang, masculine and feminine, conceptual and immanent. Commissioned and premiered May 16 at Pickman Hall in Cambridge, MA by saxophonist Vitalijus Lisovskis. [composer]


[web game] Created for the 2012 Global Game Jam. “Pangu” received first prize among all entrants from the Savannah College of Art and Design. [composer and sound designer]


Church hymn, loosely translated as “Let It Be”, explores themes of non-attachment and acceptance. Commissioned for a new parish hymnal. [composer]


Tri-State Tough

[film] Created for ALS-TDI (foundation for Lou Gehrig’s disease research) to raise awareness for their annual fundraising effort, a tri-state bike ride from Boston to New York.

Hope and Spirit

[film] Promotion for an exhibit about Soviet deportations of Lithuanians to Siberia in the 1940s and 50s at the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, Chicago, IL. [composer]

Arrest ALS

[film] Created for ALS-TDI (foundation for Lou Gehrig’s disease research) to promote a western-themed online fundraiser game concept. [composer]

Devil’s Eye

[film] Created to promote the latest novel by Al Ruksenas, “Devil’s Eye,” a thriller about a Satanic cult, its Russian proxies, and their conspiracy to overthrow the US government. [composer]


Saule Dovanojo [2010]

[concert piece for festival chorus and large winds ensemble] An uplifting choral piece about the youthful happiness of finding a friend. Commissioned for the 9th Lithuanian Song Festival. The 1,100-singer festival chorus was conducted by the composer at the festival on July 3, 2010, Hershey Center, Toronto CA. [composer, lyricist, and conductor]

Creative Outlet [2007]

[men’s a cappela album] Produced for the Xtension Chords, an award-winning 12-man a cappella group from Champaign IL. The track “Just the Girl” was selected for the “Best of Collegiate Acappella 2007” anthology disc. [musical director, producer, arranger]

Skanu [2006]

[concert piece for festival children’s chorus] “Skanu!” (engl: “delicious!”) is a happily quirky children’s piece about food. Commissioned for the 8th Lithuanian Song Festival and performed with 300-singer children’s chorus at the festival on July 2, 2006, UIC Pavilion, Chicago IL. [composer and lyricist]

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